A Reality Check on this Holiday Weekend

My heart is wrenching from this article.


I read a lot.  But, the following piece is the most powerful thing I have read this year.  It takes about 5 minutes to get through but it will completely change your perspective on life, hopefully not just for a day.  You know it impacts you when you keep thinking about it the next day.  I encourage you to take a few minutes and let the author’s words sink in.

I would like to share a few thoughts on it.

First, it makes me deeply appreciate the freedom we enjoy in America.  On Monday, many people will be sitting back relaxing, doing a project, or having a barbeque.  We forgot this day is not simply a holiday but a reminder of those that sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy peace and safety.  Men and women gave their lives so that the atrocities mentioned in this article do not occur in our backyard.

Second, human trafficking is a serious issue.  It should upset us.  It should anger us.  It should make us jump out of our seat and say this is wrong.  I preached a sermon on human trafficking a couple of years ago.  One of the resources that I provided was a website http://www.free2work.org.  They rate companies based on their responsiveness to human trafficking.  Therefore, if their product is made by children in China, they will let you know.  One of the problems with an article such as this is that you feel helpless in doing anything about it.  This website gives you the tools to stop giving our money towards companies that turn a blind eye to the plight of young children around the world.  Cheaper products don’t mean better products especially from a moral perspective.

Third, we should take a moment and remember what is important in life.  It really is not whether the line at the store is too long, my hair is thinning, or there is rain in the forecast on the day of my barbeque.  There are far more important matters than the trivialities that annoy us.  Oh, these are the things we should be praying about.  These are the things the church should be addressing.  Put simply, life is just too comfortable for us sometimes.  Lord, forgive us for our shallow concerns and selfish prayers.  God, give us a heavy heart for the oppressed and a mind that passionately prays for global concerns.


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