Siri, can you help me?

I am lying quietly in bed.  The pitter patter of the small paws of our Lhasa Poo awaken me as he pushes our bedroom door open.  I lay there motionless for a few minutes before rolling over to see what time it is.  It is 5:45 am.  I squeeze out another two minutes before dragging myself out of bed.  I throw on my sweatpants and shirt and traipse downstairs to get some coffee.  I flip on the light and squint as I look for the Keurig machine.  I start a cup of dark roast and immediately grab my phone.  I check email and texts.  I scroll through the list.  I next open Facebook to see if there is any news.  My coffee finishes and I stroll into the living room.  I open the Bible and begin to spend some time with God.  After a few minutes, my phone buzzes as a new email comes in.  I lean over and check it to see if it is urgent.  Nothing pressing this time.  Over the next twenty minutes my phone alerts me a couple of more times.  Each time I check it just in case.

After spending time with God, I get dressed for work.  Once I throw on my clothes, I grab a quick bite to eat.  As I eat my Cheerios, I press my ESPN app to see the previous night’s sports scores.  I click on the Chicago link to see if there is any urgent news that has happened since the last time I checked it, some 8 hours before.  Throughout the day, my faithful companion sits in the front pocket of my jeans.  It alerts me to new emails, texts, and phone calls.  As I spend time studying for the upcoming sermon, I grab it every few minutes to see if there have been any messages from church members.  At times, there is a pressing matter that comes up and my secretary will text me for assistance.  Even when I use the bathroom, my phone is handy.  I don’t have magazines but I can utilize the time by checking the daily news.  Throughout the day, I check my phone at least a hundred if not a couple of hundred times.  In fact, I have checked it twice since writing this blog.  Tonight, I will go see my son practice Karate.  I thoroughly enjoy seeing him kick and block.  During the lulls, I will hop on my phone to see the weather for the next day or what happened in the market.  Later that evening, I grab a quick bite to eat before going to bed.   After I check the doors, I look at my phone one more time to see if anyone has responded to my emails for the day.

I am typically off on Friday.  It is a wonderful time as my wife and I usually go out for coffee.  Usually we grab some coffee before relaxing for the day.  I am fairly good on Fridays in that I only check it occasionally, maybe 50 times instead of 200.  It is certainly nice to be connected.  At times, it is not such a good thing as I see a church email related to some concern.  In those cases, I open up a file in my mind and think about it for awhile before attempting to close it.  If it is urgent, I respond to it.

It has been busy lately.  In a couple of weeks we will take a weekend off.  It will be nice to detach and disconnect from life.  In my opinion, rest is underrated as a means of emotional and spiritual refreshment.  I’ll be out of the office.  I might even be away from home.  If the weather is nice, it would even be great to go on a hike.  Regardless of where we go, I am thankful that we use a company that provides coast-to-coast cell service so that my phone is accessible.  Yes, this is important.

As I think about Christmas, I am starting to wonder as to why we are so anxious in society.  Why are we so wound up?  Why is that we are always tired?  Why is that we always feel like we don’t connect with God?  Why is it that I never feel like I can rest?  There are some great questions.  Perplexed, I am wondering if Siri can help me answer this question.


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