Life is too short

Life is too short to squander it away.  Distractions abound that bring absolutely no satisfaction to my day.  Let someone else watch hours of TV with no meaningful connection with those that matter in his life.  Let someone else indulge in some sinful habit that only produces guilt and depression.  No, life is too short for such trivial pursuits.

Life is too short to second guess decisions.  It is easy to think about the road not taken when life is hard.  Yet, life has its speed bumps.  There is no perfectly smooth ride.  Let someone else sit back and wonder how life would be different if he would have chosen one career path over another.  Let someone else wrestle tirelessly over a decision made last week.  No, life is too short to live in the rearview mirror.

Life is too short to hang onto bitterness.  I have been hurt by people.  There was a time in my life where I did not expect it.  Now, I anticipate such times.  To be honest, there are times I have hurt other people.  Yet, the bitterness gets me nowhere.  Let someone else keep bringing up the past.  Let someone else be guarded out of fear of being hurt.  Let someone else plot evil in their mind over a broken relationship.  No, life is too short to fume with emotion.

Life is too short to live in fear.  I gravitate toward security the older I get in life.  I am a little less eager for adventure and quicker to grab onto the known.  Change is scary.  Yet, it should not paralyze.  Let someone else worry about the future.  Let someone else stay in the slow lane.  No, life is too short to only be comfortable.

Life is too short to complain.  I can easily find something negative in my life.  I can scowl at the person driving too slow in front of me.  I can grow agitated because the clerk is spending too much time with the person in front of me.  Frustration can eat at me because I have so much to do.  What does it accomplish?  Nothing.  Let someone else turn sour in life.  Let someone else become an old curmudgeon.  Let someone else see the pain.  No, life is too short to not be thankful.

Life is too short to put others down.  There is always something I can find to cut someone else if I disagree with the person.  I can even speak spiritually about someone else’s needs simply as a way to elevate myself.  Yet, the pride from that moment lasts but a second.  Let someone else tear others down for a short-lived boost to one’s ego.  Let someone else sabotage relationships because of jealousy.  Let someone else be toxic.  No, life is too short to not nurture relationships.

Life is short to beat myself up.  I can look in the mirror and find countless ways to tear my abilities down.  I can question my worth.  I can wallow in the failures that suck purpose out of my life.  Or, I can forgive myself.  I can extend grace to myself.  Let someone else hate oneself.  Let someone else belittle his accomplishments.  Let someone self spiral down because of a normal failure.  No, life is too short to dismiss forgiveness.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11


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