It’s not too late…

It’s not too late to celebrate Christmas.

I am not talking about the incessant shopping we are forced to do at this time of year.  In some respect, it is wonderful to buy gifts for someone else.  I like thinking about something special for my family – that open mouth and surprised look on the faces of my kids when they open something unexpected on Christmas morning.  Yet, the advertisers continue to blitz us with ad after ad regarding specials.  Deeper cuts, more discounts, end-of-the year sales that no one should miss out on.  It is easy to get sucked into shopping more and more because we don’t want to miss out on that great deal.  I for one have had enough shopping.  It is now time for me to reflect on the true Gift.

The calendar continues to remain full.  There are numerous activities still on the schedule.  They are fantastic events ranging from a Christmas program to serving the homeless.  I am looking forward to each of them.  Yet, it is easy to see these activities as things to do rather than events to enjoy.  December becomes a time of survival rather than celebration.  For many, this is the challenge.  They are trying to make it through the holiday parties and family obligations so they can get to that day or two where they can do nothing.  I for one have had enough surviving.  I don’t want to wait.  It is now time for me to celebrate eternal life in Christ.

Christmas is difficult for many people as there are small or even large family rifts.  Christmas is a dread as they think of making nice for a few days before retreating to their own home.  Or, there is a fall out with a friend or coworker.  Emotions of frustration or anger pop up as you think about the slights and hurts by someone you love.  Joy is sucked out as you replay the situation in your mind again and again.  Thus, Christmas is hijacked by someone else’s actions.  I for one have had enough drama.  It is now time for me to remember God’s grace through Christ in my life.

Christmas is next week.  December is slipping away quickly.  And there is a real possibility that we will find ourselves waking up in two weeks wondering what happened to the Christmas season.  We will be disappointed because we did not truly embrace the meaning of Christmas – the birth of our Savior.  It is not too late to celebrate Christmas – not the Christmas of gifts, parties and food, but the Christmas where Christ is central.  Christmas, where we marvel afresh at the amazing truth that God entered our world to provide hope and peace.  Christmas, where we find lasting peace and joy not found in presents and food comas.  It is not too late to carve out those moments of awe where we sit silently rejoicing in the glorious news that a Savior has come to us.


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