Discontentment is a cruel voice.


Discontentment is a cruel voice.

  • She speaks to us with whispers of ambition. You are unfilled unless you achieve more.
  • She speaks to us with fits of unfairness. You are the victim.  You deserve better.
  • She speaks to us with stares of comparison. You are better than that person.
  • She speaks to us with cackles of emptiness. This is all you get in life.
  • She speaks to us with woos of escape. Get your mind off your misery by running away.
  • She speaks to us with fingers of accusation. It is the government’s fault.

Discontentment is most certainly a cruel voice.  She takes us down dark paths of depression.

I have experienced these moments of discontentment.  I am confident you have as well.

Discontentment is a symptom of the human condition.  Fulfillment is severely hindered as a result of the fall.  We have moments of contentment yet they quickly disappear once the compliment, achievement, or purchase fades.  Sin does that to us.  It points out what we don’t have.

Yet, it does not have to be the case.  Christ came to provide fulfillment – the abundant life we so long for.  Christ died to fill the sinful longings for more in our hearts.  Christ came to give a foretaste of glory where we would have no wants.

You might be thinking, “I know Christ.  How come I still feel discontent?  It is because we continue to have broken bodies with conflicted desires while living in a broken society that pursues temporary gratification.  This reality can break us or give us hope.  We can succumb to the disappointment or we seize the opportunity to choose the fulfillment in Christ realizing it requires a daily decision this side of heaven.  It is a process.  It is a choice.

Contentment is a freeing voice.

  • She speaks to us with blessing. Look at what you do have rather than what you do not have.
  • She speaks to us with grace. Life is hard but it does not crush you.
  • She speaks to us with celebration. Affirm life’s successes:  yours and those of others.
  • She speaks to us with privilege. Life is a gift.  Enjoy it.
  • She speaks to us with joy. Shrug off life’s disappointments so they don’t rob you of joy.
  • She speaks to us with lightness. Take life as it comes rather than what we want it to be.

Discontentment is a cruel voice.  However, it is not the only voice.





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