I choose grace.


I choose grace.

I am trying to resolve a situation.  Unfortunately, the person is choosing to avoid me.  It is quite frustrating as this has been going on for a month.  I have texted the person.  Phone calls have been made.  Yet, there is no response.  I am growing irritated over the lack of communication.  I am beginning to take it personally.  I have a decision to make.  I can grow embroiled in anger or I can choose to let it go.

I choose grace.

A person made a comment about me.  It was innocent.  However, it was bothersome.  I was not quite sure how to take it.  It was one of those quiet statements.  You hear it and laugh.  Then, later you begin to think about it.  What did the person mean by that?  That was not very nice.  I am a bit offended.  I am not sure what to do with it.  I have a decision to make.  I can allow the comment to fester resulting in a strained relationship or I can chalk it up to a human slip up.

I choose grace.

I approach the person at the store counter.  To say the person was in a bad mood would be an understatement.  She was edgy.  I asked a question about a particular product.  Clearly, she was not interested in helping me.  I was quickly on the receiving end of a sharp tone, irritated stares, and abrupt comments.  I am tempted to comment on customer satisfaction, the need for her to do her job, and a threat to share her attitude with a manger.  I have a decision to make.  I can seek out some vengeance over not receiving proper customer care by contacting her supervisor or I can conclude that everyone has a bad day.

I choose grace.

I am tired.  I have been running a mile a minute for a couple of weeks.  Sleep has been restless.  Down time has been minimal.  I have been up late making decisions about projects and vacation plans.  I wake up grumpy.  I am in no mood for pleasantries with those around me.  I need coffee and a ton of it.  I need some rest.  I have a decision to make.  I can allow my fatigue to spill over in shortness to those I encounter throughout the day or I can take a moment, breathe, and step into God’s grace.

I choose grace.

Grace is abundantly available to us.  It is not something we can bank for a future withdrawal or draw upon from the previous day.  It is available today.  Christ died to make grace accessible.  Sadly, we oftentimes choose to leave it on the table as we allow emotions and irritations to rule.  One of the most precious distinctions for believers – the glorious grace of Christ, is waiting for our use.  We only need to choose it.


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