What is missing in discussions on terrorism?


Terrorism continues to hit us at home.  The tragic events in Orlando remind us of the new reality facing our world.  The images are difficult to watch.  It is one thing to see bombings unfold in Syria or Iraq.  It is another thing to imagine yourself in the city that you visited recently.  Orlando is a family destination.  Every person can picture themselves in a restaurant or hotel in that city enjoying some much needed rest.

Our anxiety skyrockets when we see violence hitting us at home.  We start to wonder what place is safe anymore.  The shooter was an American citizen so we can’t rationalize that this is an immigration problem.  This only heightens our worries because it makes the problem more complex – terrorism can happen anywhere by anyone.

Solutions to counter future terror acts are quickly offered, especially since it is an election year.  Here are some samples of ideas posed by candidates and experts on tightening security.

  • Immigration should be tightened up.
  • Our borders should be sealed.
  • Gun control should be addressed.
  • Conceal and carry should be more widely allowed.
  • Military action should occur.
  • Islamic centers should be more vigilant.
  • Terror watch lists need to be updated and distributed.
  • Individuals who see suspicious behavior should quickly report concerns.

There is no shortage of recommendations for stemming terrorism.  These are valid offerings.  I personally agree with many of them.  It is necessary that we continue to be vigilant and proactive in keeping our nation safe and secure.

There is one recommendation that consistently seems to be neglected – prayer.

The natural response to such tragedies is the human realm.  What can we do to end the violence?  However, we have at our disposal the God of the universe.  We have available to us the One who is sovereign in every aspect.  We have an empathetic Savior who loves us and resides in our grief.  We have a God who can change the human heart.  We have a Lord who provides hope beyond death.

Should we discuss and implement policies and laws?  Yes.  But, our first course of action should be heartfelt, fervent prayer to the only One who can give us true peace and security.


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