I am not the most observant person.


I recently experienced a very busy day.  There were numerous things on the docket – meetings, emails, and phone calls.   I was scrambling to get as much done as possible.  I am the type of person that has specific expectations of what needs to get done in order for me to “mentally leave” the office.  Trying to wrap things up, I began to pack up.  I quickly called my wife on my mobile phone to inform her I would be home in a few minutes.  While chatting with her, I scanned the office for things to take home – wallet (got it), computer (in my bag), paperwork to do later that evening (in my hands), car keys (in my pocket).  Scanning around, I mentioned to Penny that for the life of me I couldn’t find my phone.  I continued to look around while my wife paused as sensing a joke before pointing out the obvious…

Ok, I am not the most observant person.  I am sure there are a few people out there that can resonate with me.  It is possible that my wife could change the furniture in our house and I would not notice it for a few days.  It is not uncommon for me to arrive home, walk right past something in the house, and not be aware that something is different.

My lack of observation applies to other areas of my life.  I am not always aware of the emotional rhythms in my life.  Why am I frustrated?  What is irking me?  Why am I so distracted?  Other times it focuses on the spiritual arena.  What is God doing in my life?  Why can’t I see God’s goodness?  Where are His blessings?

I am thankful for my wife because she is brilliant in pointing out things I don’t see about myself.  She can see things that I cannot see myself.  She notices the emotional causes and the spiritual movements in me.  It is not uncommon for her to make a statement and nail it on the head whereas two seconds before I didn’t know what was bothering me.  She has a different perspective.  I am framed by my emotions and experiences; therefore, I cannot always see clearly.  As someone who loves me, is close to me, and outside of me, she has a frame of reference that I do not have.  I need this perspective.  It helps me see my blind spots – those areas of which I am not aware or rather choose to ignore.  These observations are beneficial for me.  It is good for me to hear them.

God is the most observant person.  He sees us with complete clarity.  There is no place to hide.  We can dance around our motivations and squelch our inner desires.  We can rationalize particular behavior and escape from certain disappointments.  We can attempt to conceal.  Yet, God sees it all.  He notices all the movements and tendencies in our lives.  As someone who loves us, is close to us, and outside of us, God has a frame of reference that we do not have.  He has the most perfect frame of reference.  We absolutely need this perspective.  He lovingly desires to transform those blind spots – to pull up the carpet, see the dirt, and change them.  The beauty of God is that He not only observes them, He can change these areas. Oh, it is beneficial for us to listen to God.  Oh, it is good to respond to Him.


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