Lesson Learned


Lesson learned:  own up to your mistakes.

In the midst of all the human interest stories surrounding the Olympics, one of the more powerful reminders came in the form of an act of vandalism by a swimmer.  Being a former swimmer myself, the story captivated my attention.  At first, my preconceived biases framed my perspective, e.g. look at the tragic crime in Brazil.  It is clear the country was not in a position to protect all the athletes and tourists.  As the story unfolded, the tale flipped as it became clear the swimmers were not the victims but the instigators.  Rather than own up to their reckless behavior, they attempted to hide it.

In our house we have a simple rule:  do not hide.  Come clean.  Tell us if you did something wrong and we will work with you.

It is surprising how often human nature bucks against common sense.  Hiding almost never works yet we rationalize and conspire in the hope that we will not get caught.  Oftentimes we come up with some clever tale in order to escape responsibility.  Somewhere in our mind is this flawed thought process that says it is better to hide than to be honest.

A couple of observations:

  • Hiding from our mistakes only conflicts our soul. Rationalizing one part of our life impacts all other areas.  Once we make a decision to sacrifice integrity in one area it begins to erode other areas.  The standard has been compromised.
  • Hiding erodes our relationships. Genuine friendships are built on transparency and personal accountability.  Relationships are strengthened not in the absence of hurt but rather when we own up to something we did.  Do you think the other swimmers involved in the vandalism will be quick to trust the primary instigator?  Trust was damaged more by the hiding than the act itself.
  • Hiding leads to far greater consequences. Millions of dollars will be lost from endorsement deals over this one act.  Enough said.
  • Hiding dilutes our relationship with God. Concealment in our personal life eventually leads to the same behavior with God.  Confession is lost.  Rationalization with God is put forth.  And even though we know God sees everything we begin to act as if this is not true.

Lesson learned:  own up to your mistakes.





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