God is King!


The election is one week away.  Needless to say the nation is anxious about the results.  Tuesday evening has massive implications for our country.  It determines the philosophy of government for years to come.  Our approach to international crises will be framed based on who is commander in chief.  The make-up of the Supreme Court will be influenced by who sits in the oval office.  Regardless of where you live in the country you will be impacted by the results.

This reality is why most Americans are anxious.  Neither candidate has good favorable ratings.  In fact, they are both viewed with suspicion and disdain.  In conversations, most people would prefer a different option for president.  There is legitimate concern over the future of our country regardless who wins the election.  Anxiety is high.  Concern is palpable.

I too share these concerns.

Yet, I am reminded as a believer that our nation is not dependent upon the voting booth.  The future of our country is not in the hands of a particular candidate.  At the end of the day, our God continues to reign.  He is still in control.  God is sovereign.  He knows the future.  It gives me tremendous comfort knowing that not only does God know who will be elected president when we wake up on Wednesday morning; He also knows how this will impact our nation.

Our hope is not man-centered.  Our jobs, healthcare, and national security are not ultimately determined by the president; they are governed by our Heavenly King, the one who holds the stars in Hand.  He is the one who has stood the test of time, from beginning to end, not someone serving a four-year position.  God has seen every leader in history and specifically the United States, come and go.  He is not fazed by it.  He is not surprised by it.  In fact, God orchestrates them to accomplish His purposes.

The church prospered under Emperor Nero who persecuted the church.  The church will continue to do so on November 9 because it is not a human institution, it is an eternal one.  Yes, our hope lies not in a democratic process but in the One who continues to advance the Kingdom towards the glorious hope of a new heaven and a new earth.  This hope should squelch fear and anxiety.  This hope should inspire a glorious future.  This hope is one worthy of placing our trust.


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