I awoke today…


I woke up this morning.  God gave me life.  He sustained my lungs and my heart.  I did not question His care for me as I crawled out of bed.  I have confidence because He has been completely reliable in giving me breathe and strength every day of my life.  God is trustworthy.  He proved it again to me today.

The markets are chaotic today as there is uncertainty due to the elections.  The markets had anticipated a different result.  Therefore, they are reacting to the uncertainty.  Investors are concerned as to the future.  Will interest rates be raised?  How will the global markets respond to the election?  The markets are confused.  They are uncertain.

I looked out the window this morning.  The sun came up.  The earth continued to turn on its axis.  The birds chirped in the background.  The squirrels scurried across the yard.  It is a normal day similar to any other day.  God providentially maintains His created order.  It is orderly.  It is peaceful.  It is good.

Foreign countries are anxious about the future direction of the United States.  Its leadership is important.  It charts the course for many global decisions.  There is worry over the state of trade agreements and treaties.  Will the United States be interventionist or protectionist?  What will the relationship look like with our allies?

I read the bible this morning.  I was reminded again of His grace for me.  I have been redeemed.  I am adopted.  I am a child of God.  I am certain as to my eternal state.  I am not dependent on global anxiety but secure in God’s love for me.  I am part of a greater purpose called to serve God.  This is not questioned; it is affirmed.

Our country is polarized.  Half the population is not happy today.  Many are in shock; others are delighted.  Celebrations erupted in one ballroom while tears flowed in another.  Clearly there is a divide in our nation.  Anger persists.  Frustration is evident.  The future is promising for some; for others it is dire.

Joy continues to reside in my heart.  It comes not from a political result but from my knowledge that God died for me.  I have hope not grounded in campaign promises but in the knowledge that eternal life awaits me.  I am forgiven.  I am cherished.  I am adored just as I was yesterday.  That has not changed.


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