Ok, you have probably been wondering where I have been over the past month.  I have been in the midst of a significant transition.

For the past eighteen years, I have been serving as the Senior Pastor of Harvard Avenue Evangelical Free Church.  It has been a wonderful journey.  We have shared so many experiences and memories with the church.  It has been a joy to share life with so many in deep and enriching ways.

Two months ago, after much prayer and discussion as a family, I accepted a faculty position at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The position involves me being professor and director of the PhD program in Leadership Studies.  In the fall, the college brought Penny and me out for a visit then flew the entire family out for a second visit a month later.  During this time, God confirmed for our entire family that this was the beginning of the next chapter in our lives.  It has been filled with much prayer as we tried to discern whether or not this was the right step for us.  In the end, we felt God nudging us that this was the right decision.  Our last Sunday will be this weekend.  I am confident it will be both joyous and sad.

As I consider this new position, I have decided to adapt my blog themes.  I will continue to make them relevant to everyday life.  However, the focus will be on leadership themes beginning next week.  I hope that you enjoy these reflections.  Christian leadership is a vital area that requires discussion and constant evaluation.  Join me as we begin a new focus in 2017.