Meet Kevin Gushiken

family Welcome to my blog!  My name is Kevin Gushiken and I love talking about the joy-filled life we have in Christ!

For those who do not know me here is a little information: I am an adventure junkie!  I have jumped out of a plane, white-water rafted, and gone whale-watching on a zodiak.  For years, I sailed on Lake Michigan with big waves and big waves!

I am deeply in love with my wife Penny.  We met at Wheaton College where we enjoyed cheap dates such as sharing a half-gallon of ice-cream while watching planes land at O’Hare.  21 years later and I am more in love than ever!  We have two awesome kids:  Ashleigh is our 16-year old mythologist who is an adventure junkie like her dad and Ryan is our witty, think-outside-the box 13 year old.  Oh yeah, and we have a black lhasa-poo who is big on courage and light on brains.

We live in Lancaster, PA!  I am director of the PhD in Leadership Studies at Capital Seminary, the graduate school of Lancaster Bible College.  It is an amazing institution with a passion to invest in the next generation of leaders.  The opportunity to collaborate with current and future leaders with the goal of becoming reflective researchers and practitioners is deeply exciting for me.  The position brings together my teaching and administrative gifts.  Prior to this position, for nearly 18 years, I was the Senior Pastor of a multiethnic church in Villa Park, IL.  I love the local church especially when people from all walks of life come together to worship our King!

I enjoy writing.  I have been a contributor to Christian Education Journal, Leadership Journal, and Religious Education Journal.  I have presented papers at the Society of Professors of Christian Education and Evangelical Missiological Conferences.  With my new position, I have decided to focus my blog on leadership issues.  Hopefully, you will enjoy my reflections on Christ-centered servant leadership.


One thought on “Meet Kevin Gushiken

  1. Oh my goodness! I am positive you are the Kevin I have wondered about for decades! Does a scaffolding in Rome sound familiar?? Adventurous and “cheap” certainly convincing! Those were the days!
    Please reply!! OMG!


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